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Welcome to the Website - Kontakion.com - Orthodox Prayers, Orthodox Services, Devotions,  and Offices.  


Troparion: A brief hymn commemorating a Saint or an significant event, which is read or chanted daily in the services of the Orthodox Church.

Troparia and Kontakia are short anthems in rhythmical prose, set to music, which express a succinct form of the significance of a given Feast....  The service books of the Eastern Church....which contain them give the varaible portions of the services for the days indicated:

Triodion: from the Sunday of the Pharisee and the Publican ( the last Sunday after Epiphany ) to Easter Eve, inclusive;

Pentecostarian: from Easter Sunday to the Sunday of All Saints ( which has the same place in the Calendar as the Trinity Sunday of the West ), inclusive;

Parakletike or Oktoechoes:  for the rest of the year.  It contains eight groups  of offices, each one covering one complete week and set in order to one of eight tones of the ...... ecclesiastical music;  each group, therefore occurs at eight-weekly intervals;

Menaion: in twelve volumes, one for each calendar month -- the services for the fixed feasts and saints' days, including also Christmas and Epiphany**

 ** The highlighted explanations above are taken from A Manual for Eastern Orthodox Prayers, St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, Crestwood, New York, 10707, 1999, first published in 1945 in Great Britain by the Fellowship of St. Alban and St. Sergius


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